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What’s Good inspires action and engagement in our community by highlighting people, businesses, and projects working toward positive change.

It’s pretty simple… we believe that by discovering and telling the stories of good happening in our community, we can inspire more people to put more energy toward more awesome acts of community building and positive change. We try to choose stories that cross interest groups and populations in our community, so our readers can discover stories of good outside of their area of focus or interest.

We show, not just tell. Images and words work together to tell a more complete story that keeps your attention.

We share our community’s voice. All of our stories are Q&A’s, and you get to read the voice of the leader that we’re talking to. We edit only for grammar and for length.

We call to action. Every story is paired with a call to action (or two or three…). So if you’re inspired, there’s a really obvious next step.

We hope to connect and inspire. If you’ve taken action because you’ve read one of our stories, please tell us! If you’ve made a connection because of one of our stories, please please tell us! We strive to play a role in strengthening the network of our community, and we’d love to hear if it’s working.

It’s a conversation. We want to hear from you! Who’s doing great things in the community? Who should we profile next? Have something to say about one of our stories? Comment on Facebook, tweet at us, or shoot us an email. We love hearing from you.

“…knowledge is good. You, dear reader, should know things. We as journalists help you know things. It’s that simple.”

-The newsonomics of telling your audience what they should do, by Ken Doctor on Nieman Lab.

A note from the editor

Hi! I’m Allison, the founder and editor of What’s Good. I started the site as a personal project to help myself and others engage more deeply with the beauty in our community, but I quickly decided to dedicate myself to this mission full-time. Check out some of the other things I do at, and please reach out if you have questions or feedback!